Speaking at TechDays 2012

Just a heads up that I will be speaking at Microsoft’s TechDays 2012 together with Marcel and Willem. We’ll do our multi-platform mobile development with C# session. Of course this will be an updated version with new knowledge and experiences and a different session structure, which will be fun. Other than last year, we’ll be part of the main conference. This is nice, since we’ll be talking about iOS and Android, along with Windows Phone. The organization exiled us to the GeekNight in 2011 because of this, but not this year! It’s nice to see Microsoft finally embrace these two competitors, and recognize that MS technology is powerful enough to target Apple’s and Google’s OS as well. Kudos to Microsoft.

Our session is at 9:15 on Friday February 17th, just after your morning brew. Hope to see you there!

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