Speaking at GeekNight 11

The Microsoft DevDays in Den Haag are here again. It’s packed with lots of nice sessions by the likes of Scott Hanselman, Vittorio Bertocci, etc. Some of my Info Support colleagues will be doing a bunch of worthwile sessions as well. Marcel de Vries will speak at the pre-conference, Edwin van Wijk will be covering Azure, some sessions together with Bert ‘Java’ Ertman. Eric Denekamp is one of our infrastructure experts, doing two sessions in that area. Erno de Weerd will cover WCF Data Services, a true gem in the WCF stack, IMO. You should really check out OData some time. And Alex van Beek will talk about Silverlight and Entity Framework.

One tradition during DevDays is the GeekNight event. An evening full of fun tech talks, and the admission is free! The keyword is fun, you’ll sessions there that you won’t easily see during the more “serious” DevDays. Erik Oppedijk, another one of my colleagues and a sailing fanatic, will do a presentation on navigation on water.

This year, I’m honored to be speaking at GeekNight11 as well. I’ll be doing a session on Mobile development using C#, together with my partners in crime Marcel de Vries and Willem Meints. We’ll show you how to do cross platform software development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 devices using the powerful C# language and .NET API. How to leverage as much code sharing as possible, whilst still preserving the native UI characteristics of the OS. Contrary to what frameworks such as PhoneGap (which is pretty nifty actually), we think that if you choose to do a native app, you should stick to the UI characteristics given by the platform natively. This way, you can leverage the strengths of the framework while engaging the user by providing them the best experience possible.

How? Come and see! I’d love to talk to you about our ideas afterwards.

Thursday, April 28th @ 19.30 – 20.15 – Meet you in Den Haag?

Marcel did a nice selection of sessions on his blog, and Edwin van Wijk blogged about his sessions at DevDays as well. Willem put up some info on our app on his blog. Check them out!

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